Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Join SAVE 4 All Social Media Campaign TODAY!

With the November 23rd deadline for the “super committee” recommendations just weeks away, the SAVE for All campaign needs your help urging Members of Congress to prioritize our communities.

Starting on November 1st, the SAVE for All campaign is launching a social media action campaign. They’re inviting people from all over the country to join them on Facebook and Twitter to discuss what’s happening next in the “super committee” by using the hashtag #SAVE4All. Also, please use #CommunityAction hashtag so that we can see the tweet on our website.

Here’s how you can get involved:
On Facebook, go to your Senator's Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button at the top. Then post this message to his or her wall: "Please reject any deficit reduction plan that harms low‐income people, adds to their number, and stalls our fragile economic recovery." You can also craft your own message—the more personal the story, the better!

On Twitter, post a message like one of these:
Both parties are putting out disappointing plans in the #Supercommittee #SAVE4All #CommunityAction
Check out to see what’s happening in the #supercommittee. #SAVE4All #CommunityAction

Or go here to find your Senators Twitter handle and post a message like this:
Dear (@insert your Senator’s handle) Please reject any deficit reduction plan that harms low‐income people or stalls economic recovery #SAVE4All #CommunityAction